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Statutory Disclosure

Investments are subject to market risk. Read product related documents carefully.

Logical Disclosure

Only index Investments are subject to market risk. All other investments are subject to many more risks

Indexing - The philosophy

Simple ye effective way to invest

Index Funds and ETFs

What are they ?

Reference Points

Data point to help you select

Index Numbers 

Index data points is non-commercial free to use website. do not recommend any particular fund or scheme. Investors/user/visitors of this site should use their own discretion and do own research while taking investment decisions and choosing any fund/scheme. is only and only for information purpose. is not affiliated to any asset management company or mutual fund in India or abroad. do not have any associates. do not charge any commission or fees to investor, asset management companies and/or mutual funds. We take utmost care while publishing anything on, however accuracy is not guaranteed.

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